A Freedom of Speech Test

Aug 2014
Some of you may not like what I have to say. But I have a right to say it. Also, this is how I would like things to go. If you think I am wrong about a particular point that I make, tell me what it is and why you think it is wrong. I will tell you why it isn't wrong. And so on. To keep things simple, please send a separate reply for each point that you think I am wrong about.
First of all, I have heard some religious people basically say that they wouldn't care if the world was destroyed. Because that would mean that they could go to heaven and be with Jesus. For most other people, they operate by a similar principal. Which is not really caring what happens. As long as it happens to someone else. It's no wonder why people like lies so much. But get ready for some truth.
The rock bottom basis for true patriotism lies in what you are. Just as it is in the rest of the animal kingdom. Any greater patriotism you may feel toward anything else is just another lie. Like it or not, there is no better species of human than the White species of human. (You know, like what Michael Jackson tried to make himself look like) Also, I am far from caring what other species of human may think about this. Just as a dog likely wouldn't care what a flea's feelings about things are.
You may not believe it, but White people can get along just fine without non-whites around. And no doubt, much better. Despite what your Jewish slavemasters have brainwashed you to believe. Or their Christian lap dogs who believe that a good way to demonstrate the power of their god is to support the Jewish people. For all you White people out there, stick up for yourselves and support each other!
For example, look at the illegal invaders flooding over our southern border. I think the U.S. should start sending the ones they catch back over the border with catapults! (Land mines would also be helpful) That would slow down the invasion. This may sound harsh. But you'll likely find it difficult to stop desperate overbreeders without desperate measures. And the White species, along with the land we occupy, are worth fighting for. No matter what the cost! Besides, the U.S. should be more than a dumping ground for foreign lowlifes who don't believe in popilation control. (If they have even ever heard of the term) I sure am glad that we don't share a land border with places like China, India, Pakistan or Rwanda.
Also, ever hear of a Mexican group called "La Raza?" It means "The Race." You can't get much more racist than that. Yet between Bill Gates and the U.S. government, that group has received over ten million dollars! It's bad enough that so many traitorous U.S. companies started sending jobs overseas. Which caused many more of the less traitorous U.S. companies to start doing the same, just to compete. We don't need those illegal scabs coming here to take what jobs are left. For all you White people out there, (as well as other Americans) you should be concerned that those invaders are ultimately taking food out of your children's mouths.
But If sticking up for what you are doesn't hold much interest for you, I don't suppose that sticking up for your children would either. Which is the ultimate in pathetic. Unfortunately, the ruling elite capitalist scum who run this country just loves the shit out of scabs and wage slaves.
Another example of racism concerns something I saw on a news program once. (For as much as you can believe what those say) They said that when Obama was first running for president, blacks were registering to vote in larger than normal numbers. Both times Obama ran, he received between ninety six and ninety three percent of the black vote. I would be willing to bet there was some racism involved there.
For those of you who may want to reply to this post, I don't even want to hear from you unless you're White. Why? Because bottle nose dolphins have no business telling spotted dolphins anything that has to do with what spotted dolphins do. Mule deer have no business telling white tail deer anything that has to do with what white tail deer do. Lynx have no business telling bobcats anything that has to do with what bobcats do. Etc. times millions. So non-whites have no business telling Whites anything that has to do with what Whites do.
Also, for those who may care to reply, it would be helpful for those with a doctorate degree to do so. Or anybody with a high level of status quo entrenched, "Bo Peep" education. Because cutting the head off any political cult snake is a good place to start.
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Aug 2014
Turn down your rap music, pull your pants back up over your butt and look at the 21st century. In economics, education, compensation for work, etc., the U.S. ranks low on the list of developed countries. Overpopulation is also a serious problem. Yet in Canada, their native peoples are the fastest growing segiment of their population. In the U.S., it is the "Latinos." Yet the White population isn't growing. In fact, it could even be falling some.
But let me guess. As far as you're concerned, (If you're White) being White doesn't matter. People like you make me sick! You middle class or outright wealthy "swells" are a disease. I bet you would submit to any degradation in order to sustain your standard of living. But I can tell that the view is quite different from the trenches.
Seeing how you chose to insult me instead of debate me, I am going to ignore anything else you have to say. So go ahead and insult away. I won't read it.
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Feb 2013
just past the moons of Jupiter
Never a more apt description of Aufgablassen.

Don't bother with that dolt he doesn't offer the slightest insight or intelligence to anything. He single handedly wrecked this board.

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