African Illegal Immigrants Must No Be Allowed In--Possible Ebola Contamination

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
It is of the utmost importance to IMMEDIATELY STOP allowing any more illegal immigrants, particularly those from Africa to be released into any part of this nation due to the strong possibility they may be carriers of the Ebola virus. I am saying this because of an article entitled, “Extreme Danger: These Illegal Aliens Must Be Quarantined by Devvy Kidd published today June 10th, 2019 in and can be accessed by clicking the following link:

It is critical your read it and take the action Ms. Kidd requests, and under the Constitution and Immigration Law the President has the authority to do this
Ms. Kidd is a highly respected researcher into national affairs and I believe her and now feel more than ever the urgency to stop these illegals coming in here now spreading more deadly diseases than thought before by other illegals.

Please pass this on to others as well.