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Recently a young woman named Meg McLain was, according to her, randomly selected for a body scanner search, and I have no reason to doubt her having seen others (including myself) randomly selected over the past decade. Ms. McLain refused and hell broke loose. She was subject to pat down that apparently approached an assault.

Click here for an interview w/Ms. McLain where she describes the ordeal.

At an airport one's expectation of privacy is fairly low. A random selection, by definition, disregards any rational basis for the search. With the number of searches finding a home in the WTF category becoming so common one has to wonder (and I am being kind in selecting that word) if perhaps our search policies should not, in fact, be reviewed and changed with an eye toward being effective rather than abusive. Considering the limited resources we have for searches it would make sense to me that we select for searches those people who give rise to at least an articulable suspicion.

I've said it before so I'll say it again. Eventually we'll show up at the airport and give our bags to security. We'll go into a locker room to put on a white cotton robe to travel in and get our clothes back (hopefully) when we land. Efforts to remove discretion for those who conduct searches in the name of avoiding charges of "discriminating" are just plain dumb. The fact is that that's exactly what we want screamers to do; discriminate. Discriminate based on observations and other available data whether traveler X does or does not appear to be suspicious and therefore gives or does not give a rational basis to conduct the search. I know the thought is bizarre but perhaps it's time has come.
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The TSA is a joke and a bully. It is just an extension of a government that I fear has lost nearly all respect for liberty.
you mean it once had respect for our liberty (TSA screeners)

the policy gets shoved down to the screeners but what they are tasked with doesn't mean they've got license to be assholes.. though they disagree with that notion.

like I said, randomly checking is just plain dumb
Nov 2010
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I say the TSA only hire unemployed Strippers and Chppendale Dancer's so EVERYONE can fly with a smile on their face.
It is pure lazyness on the part of the airlines. If security was really a big interest. they would have much more technological advances on this matter. How come scientists are able to implement micro ships inside someone and they can't check if someone has suspicious elements on theirselves.
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I don't see why we cannot use pshycological profiling and k9s? That seems to work very well in other countries. Here is a question for everyone, do you think the Pres will side with the people and try to bring some common sencse to the airport security mess? Or do you think he will once again go against what all of us want, because "he knows better whats good for us"? I for one, know that he will not take action here, he will side with scanners and searches for everyone, EXCEPT the very demographic that has caused the most trouble at airports!
Nov 2010
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Pat-Down Leaves Passenger Covered in Urine

Man w/ med device humiliated during pat-down

This is a despicable and tasteless example of the ineptitude of the TSA. We cannot allow this to happen to American citizens, what is going on in TSA is not working and must be reformed. Not throught the government, but through security experts, and professionals. If TSA cannot handle the task, the reins should be passed to someone else.

do you think the Pres will side with the people and try to bring some common sencse to the airport security mess? Or do you think he will once again go against what all of us want, because "he knows better whats good for us"?

Saturday, the pres. commented on the TSA issue, he says that he understands how people feel about the TSA messures, but that there is no better way to protect americans from terrorism.

Who is on the Pres. counter-terrorism council? Why are they not willing to try security measures that have been used and proven very effective in other countries?
Nov 2010
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Who the heck is on the Pres's Counter-terrorism council? Why will they not try using other airport security measures?

Went to the state dept. wesite to try to find out... what I found was that the Counterterrorism center just gets information from other government depts. and then repackages it as the counterterrorism centers analysis, with the department overall ran buy Michael e. Leiter.... a lawyer....... hmmm.... interesting, sounds like government logic to me.

Here are the links to look at what I found;
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