American Congress drops the bailout ball.

Jan 2009
I think Congress has really dropped the ball with these bailout bills. The first round, with AIG was a travesty. And after it became apparent they had fouled it up, and many members admitted they had fouled it up, they continued to drop the ball with the auto industry.

And this week they are handing out another round, and where are the details of how the money will be spent?

Their oversight is meaningless.

If I were questioning Detroit manufacturers I would want questions like these answered by the auto makers before they got a penny.

1) Does your plan to "lean" your manufacturing include permanent closing of American plants and opening new plants in other countries with cheaper labor.

2) What outsourcing plans do you have that will reduce the size of your American labor force and send more jobs out of the country.

3) All of the big three have major manufacturing plants outside the US, are the big three approaching the governments where those plants are located for help?

4) Why should American taxpayers bail out international corporations who have routinely closed American Plants and replaced them with cheaper labor in other nations?

I am not opposed to the bail out. I am opposed to a lazy Congress and a federal Government that does not know the difference between a question and an agenda; and is as much a part of the economic collapse of the World economy as any country or manufacturer, or industry.

What questions do you think Congress has not asked. What oversights do you think they need to get involved with.