American Genocide.

America is causing the deformation and deaths of an untold number of babies in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. This nation manufactures a horror known as 'Depleted Uranium' ordnance, and employs these weapons of mass radiological destruction with impiety on civilian targets.
A single example:

In Iraq, Fallujah’s clinics and hospitals are filling up with babies and children (at a rate of 2 -3 new cases each day), severely affected by the American D.U bombardment of their homes during relentless incursions. There are awful photographs of babies with 3 heads, a single eye or a nose in the middle of their forehead. Some have brain damage others contorted limbs or twisted and multiple additional digits. Most suffer from severe cardiac ( at a rate of 13 times higher than Europe) and eye abnormalities as well as high mortality expectations. The list of damages from toxicities of both Depleted Uranium shells and the Napalm derivative 'White Phosphorus' (both of which are being used) is too extensive for this limited forum but these symptoms all started immediately after the Fallujah engagements, the largest being in November of 2004; And are focused mainly on offspring of those women in the city who were pregnant at the time or became pregnant since. [direct image load deleted due to disturbing picture- use the link if you want to see the picture]
A little Iraqi girl suffering the effects of U.S. depleted munitions pollution.

Brave U.S marines mercilessly used their radiological depleted uranium ordnance on the civilian homes of Fallujah, even as those frightened Iraqi families that held out to protect their properties cowered in their basements. Then in the bombardment's aftermath exhilarated U.S soldiers ran systematically through the city tossing explosive grenades into any occupied houses, bringing them down on remaining householders heads, burying them alive. And afterwards the contaminated rubble was bulldozed into the town’s river bank.. everyone’s main source of drinking water.

This is not conspiracy but an actuality being funded by ordinary American civilians and the peoples of allied supportive nations.

Short documentary on the D.U. babies.
Now if in the U.S, you were to expose or place a single ounce of depleted uranium 238 dust in a public place, the full force of a heavily armed and hyper-exhilarated homeland security squad would descend upon you like a ton of bricks falling from above. You would be bundled, then shackled, hooded and eventually tortured while mothers, children and old men with delicate heart conditions in the vicinity of the incident receive counselling for stress. Simultaneously a team of specially trained biohazard experts would carefully approach the hazard zone in sealed suits containing independent air supplies and remove every last trace of the harmful material before the public are even allowed within a five block radius.
And those emergency services would be right to act so cautiously with such urgency for this is a devastating substance, sourced from the heart of nuclear reactors, which in the wrong hands a single ounce could wreak havoc, causing an untold amount of pain, suffering and misery.
In light of this, consider that in the very wrong hands of Capitalist plunder over 350 tons of Depleted Uranium were used in the Gulf war and that 1000s of tones have been spewed over a massive and wide area in the current Afghan and Iraqi occupations. And not just deep in isolated desert regions but heavily populated cities like Fallujah.

csmonitor report.- Article reporting such incidences of infant exposure.

As is the predominant attitude of this period, you may not care at all about the toxic environments being created for Arab and Muslim families to live in. So ponder instead the predicament of those who 'serve' in the many conflicts orchestrated by America, and who are themselves exposed systematically every time they fire a shell at the proposed enemy. Given its pyrophoric properties a lethal contrail of uranium oxide traces its way from barrel to target. If the American invader merely breathes in a single particle (and uranium oxides are sub-micron in size) they are compromised; facing a similar nightmare an estimated 300,000 Gulf war veterans suffer today.

(American Gulf War Veterans Association)

(Gulf War Syndrome, Depleted Uranium and the Dangers of Low-Level Radiation by Dr. Rosalie Bertell)

There can be no overestimation of the grave seriousness America's criminal use of depleted uranium represents. History will judge these invasions as even more despicable than the Vietnam conflict, and more pernicious than those cowardly sneak attacks on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Because Uranium 238 has a half life of 4.468 billion years endless generations of grossly deformed Afghan and Iraqi infants will be testament to the cold, heartless indifference from the combined proletariats of Allied nation citizens which bankrolled the wars through their taxes then looked the other way while a whole people were contaminated. Future generations will look back with a shock and horror that accompanies the witnessing of Holocausts, and marvel at just how raw and primitive, the evil which emanates today so richly from the twisted and corrupt branches of American Capitalist Imperialism really was. [direct image load deleted due to disturbing picture- use the link if you want to see the picture]

For these are a truly cursed people.
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Jul 2009
Opa Locka
Ya, never mind that we warned them that we were going to attack (as we've always done before sacking a city since Hiroshima). Now had the Iraqis just been minding their business when nukes suddenly started falling out of the sky, I'd agree with you.
War is a nasty thing, sometimes a necessary thing. Death happens. I know without a doubt, the American forces does not want to harm an innocent. Unfortunately, it happens. Personally I have not seen any reports (studies) that show U.S. rounds to cause harm after the round has lost its velocity energy. I welcome links to the contrary.
Dec 2009
Every war has casualties, tragedies, deaths, and gore. It is the nature of war. If we truly want to rid of this sort of thing, we must rid of wars altogether.
Jul 2009
Opa Locka
Every war has casualties, tragedies, deaths, and gore. It is the nature of war. If we truly want to rid of this sort of thing, we must rid of wars altogether.
We did, ever notice that the US never declares war unless it's been declared on us 1st since WW2? That all military actions are UN missions and 'police actions'? Offensive war is unconstitutional as per Article 6, paragraph 2 of the US Constitution/Kellogg-Brand Pact.
Jun 2010
Cleveland Ohio
yeah I remember distinctly.

First Gulf War.
They are side drilling our Oil America.
"Shrug, we wont do anything if you defend yourself Saddam"
"ok BRB"
"You attacked Kuwait... You die"

Oops we didnt get him.



Here ya go Saddam's enemies.. We woudl like the silver plate back. Oh yea and we are going to need haliburton to have no big contracts on ALL your oil wells. Are you glad you have the same freedoms as we do in America?

Hey... can ANYONE here me? Where the hell did everyone go.. and why is the whole place glowing?


This old topic but I still need to respond. Firsdt the flippant War is hell remarks make want to vomit. These are always issued by those who get off on War movies.

"War is sweet to those who have never experienced it."

Now to DU the orgianal topic. The word uranium causes many misconceptions about this stuff. It not used in missiles or bombs. It is a material made to penetrate concrete and steel. It self contained and does not leak into water like said.

It has been used by UK, USA, USSR since at leat 1982. Live fired on ranges and in exercises all over the former USSR, German, UK, USA and Korea. Yet nobsy mentioned sickness until 1991. Gulf War Syndrome is real, someday the real cause will be found I hope. This DU thing is a distraction.
May 2010
Not to sound like a prick but this would be part of a military attack. Not sure about everyone else but if I knew my city was going to be bombed I would be skipping town pretty quickly.
May 2010
Faced with being bomb or trying to get out alive, which choice are you going to make? Doesn't make much sense to me to sit there and have bombs dropped on me.
A there is no warning.

B. Theres no place to go.

C. These kind of comments are exactly way Americans are so despised by large portions of the globe.
Did you guys know, that 1\3 of the USA's population dies of heart attacks. The other 2\3 by all other reasons combined. Still, the budget of USA's defence is divided in the ratio 2\3 terrorism and 1\3 on all the rest combined. It's sad but true!
depleted uranium wiki

The actual acute and chronic toxicity of DU is also a point of medical controversy. Multiple studies using cultured cells and laboratory rodents suggest the possibility of leukemogenic , genetic , reproductive , and neurological effects from chronic exposure.[4] A 2005 epidemiology review concluded: "In aggregate the human epidemiological evidence is consistent with increased risk of birth defects in offspring of persons exposed to DU."[9] The World Health Organization states that no consistent risk of reproductive, developmental, or carcinogenic effects have been reported in humans.[10] [11] However, the objectivity of this report has been called into question.[12]

depleted uranium neglible effects from wiki

Studies in 2005 and earlier have concluded that DU ammunition has no measurable detrimental health effects.

the "negligible effect" bit is longer I just C&P'd the opening sentence
C. These kind of comments are exactly way Americans are so despised by large portions of the globe.
Most of the globe is controlled by despots who control the populations and the media to a degree that prevents a reasonably fair view of the facts. Many of these despots use the US as a bogeyman to rally national support. As such it should come as no surprise than many hate the US. It should also not surprise that they are probably poorly informed. Further, globally, states that are friendly with the US tend to be a lot better off than those who are not.

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