Amnesty urges probe on attack on protest leader

Jun 2013
1. HONG KONG (Reuters) - Rights group Amnesty International has urged Hong Kong authorities to urgently investigate a bloody attack on the leader of one of the biggest pro-democracy groups in the Chinese-ruled city, ahead of a march planned for the weekend.....

2. The logo of Amnesty International is a lighted candle in barbed wire. It combines two recognisable images inspired by the Chinese proverb, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

The barbed wire represents “the darkness” (hopelessness) of people put in jail where they think nobody remembers they are there. They are imprisoned for unfair reasons, most likely because they said or did something that seemingly threatened the power and authority of the Government to control the actions and thoughts of its citizens. They are political prisoners.

The candle represents Amnesty Internationalʼs commitment to remember that political prisoners are being held all over the world and its commitment to bring the prisoners hope for their fair treatment and eventual release.

3. On October 17, Amnesty urged the authorities to urgently investigate a bloody attack on the leader of one of the biggest pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong. However, why hasn’t Amnesty condemned the rioter who used a box cutter to slash a police officer’s neck from behind, leaving a 3cm cut, during a riot in Hong Kong on October 13?

Isn't a police officer a human being? Shouldn't he enjoy human rights too? Why hasn’t Amnesty call for a prompt investigation into this horrifying attack to send a clear message to the Hong Kong rioters that targeting police and other innocent people will have serious consequences? Isn't anything less would send a chilling signal that such attacks on the police and other innocent people are tolerated by Amnesty International?

The Hong Kong rioters beat up anybody who stands in their way during the riots. They beat up taxi drivers who scolded them for traffic obstruction. They attack Chinese mainland shops and citizens. It could be seen that the rioters are spreading political terror in order to intimidate and threaten the human rights of others.

4. Why is Amnesty International totally blind and deaf to the vandalism, arson, terrorism and violence committed by the Hong Kong rioters? Why is it having double standards in being tough on the Hong Kong authorities and police yet allowing the rioters to escape prosecution for violence and terrorism?

Amnesty International must ensure that commitment to nonviolence is the only means of protest. Then its logo of a lighted candle in barbed wire is appropriate, otherwise in my opinion, a more appropriate logo should be "One Open Eye, One Closed Eye", making it a "one-eyed" organisation. :)