An Insight into Italian Syrian Gov Islam Freemason and Socialist practice in Europe

Jul 2018
The political combination between Italy and Syria is not new.

All of us know that Libya an colonial for Italy was lead by Baath party of Libya, similar political trend was found also in Syria via Baath Party of Syria and Libya Baath party donations to Syria and Former Libya leader visit to Syria was clear to confirm that Italy sustain Syrian Gov amd Baath Party for Israel benefits.

We are not against this political trends of European culture in the Arab world or so far called by arabs occupation but when it came to Islam religion practice unfortunately appear social problems by them, in real fact it is cultural exchange.

At a moment we did not convinced that Italian Syrian interest start or end only at political side, the core relation is Alqaeeda and drugs indusrty via Syrian Gov, France and UK.

We say this since the only place in the world where drugs mafia is active is Italy, in the Global media they describe this activities as British American Tobacco and its alliance and brands.

In Syria, this field is controlled by Syrian Gov, the Tobacco industry and Syrian Gov is lead by Assad and so far called billionaires of drugs which is relatives to Syrian president and control the Syrian economy, Maklouf family which are under Global sanctions, especially Rami Maklouf and all of is know that Tobacco lead to specific medical system via this Govs.

In Italy, we cant estimate who control the Tobacco, but it may lead to Moratti and he has interests in oil trading, the USA and Arabs awarded the founder of Paypal Musk billions in Oil trading and paypal pratice freemason terrorism if Islam on people via ecommerce and Moratti are the same we talk about the Nordic oil of UK and Nethrlands and so far called the brent and nymex and those animals and Islam CIA pratcied on us lsoses on Nyemx oil IPO trading in a very strange sitaution, we are talking about Islam, Jews, Sweden, Milano and Globalization relation with Islam and we convivned about Chatolic Claims over Globalization and CIA.

Italy and Syrian politics and Drugs system lead to Russian mafia and Gov politics and is very noted that Italian politics is affected by Russia and oil or political interests.

But so far called the American Anglo Tobacco and drugs money laundry gone too much far by susating Assad system, it was not necessary the creation of American Basis in Italy with very strange representation of christian region in icons or images which really serve the freemasons Islam and UK terrorism creation.

We did not convinced about Syrian media that EC and Germany practiced this things, we convinced about the existence of FTSE MIB financial relation between UK and Italy and Dubai even if the EC exchanged the Visa waiver program with United Arab Emartiates under USA Gov views and even more they want to open the doors for the ottomans in Europe for money laundry and economic benefits and the victimes are very clear or so far called the Euro Islam an religion which does not serve anything in European society only the Germany maybe.

Another combination of Italian Syrian politics is that both side are against the Globalization and USA brands which really does not exist in Syria. The Baath party which control Syria call to fight the USA Gov.

but half of Syrian economy are at swiss banks like UBS which his logo are well printed at main Syrian tobacco main brand which is called Alhamra.

Islam Terms of poverty over practice of usual and normal European society terms are too much negative and it represent a terrorism by itself from Islam on Islam or person hold Islam names and even do not understand what mean Islam, and this terms are the main motivation of closing the doors for them in Europe, we cant end with them in Asia to start with them in Europe, some people which pratice normal terms of European model of life are sentenced by death by Isalm and Saudi king and his alliance and even when they cant they use their alliance the Royal families in Europe to sustain the poverty, already they does not serve anything only the USA and Jews and Osmaa Bin Laden is an Anglo American Creation sustained for Syrian Gov and world trade center attacks for Syrian regime and the death of bin laden in his head explain that he is freemason with CIA and there dogs in the Arab world which serve Israel lead by Syrian intelligence system and Assad.