An opportunity for Trump to win the Nobel Peace Prize

Jun 2013
1. President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a more than hour-long conversation Friday (May 3) in which Mr. Trump said the two leaders discussed the "Russian hoax," but Mr. Trump did not ask Putin to stop meddling in U.S. elections.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders first informed reporters of the call, before Mr. Trump confirmed details of their conversation on Twitter and in person....

Sanders told reporters Friday that Mr. Trump and Putin also discussed nuclear agreements, the possibility of including China in a counter-nuclear agreement...

2. As the end of his 4-year term draws near, Donald Trump seems to have mastered his trade. Let us look at the nuclear arsenals of the following nuclear powers:


United States: 6,450 warheads
Russia: 6,850 warheads
United Kingdom: 215 warheads
France: 300 warheads
China: 280 warheads

From the above data, we can see that China compares miserably with the two nuclear superpowers as it has about 280 nuclear warheads. It is just like comparing a cat with a tiger and a lion. The coward tiger, however, seems to be so afraid of the cat that it demands the cat to have all its teeth and claws extracted by a vet.

Anyway, Trump's proposal is worth considering because China can take the opportunity to demand the US to reduce its nuclear arsenal from 6,450 warheads to 280. Trump always talks about free, equal and reciprocal competition. It’s time for him to practise what he has been preaching.

After the two nuclear superpowers reduce the size of their gigantic nuclear arsenals to 280 warheads, the next goal will be global denuclearisation which may take about 50 or 100 years. If this goal of a nuclear-free world can be reached after one century, Donald Trump will be forever remembered by mankind. Isn't it better than spending so much money building the Trump Wall which will definitely fall into ruin and disrepair in the long history of mankind?

Moreover, his descendants can receive the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously for him after one century. If there is really heaven or hell, he will definitely smile with great satisfaction at his greatest achievement either from above or below. :)