Bernie on Trump trade nix

Oct 7, 2012
Bernie gets warm fuzzies on Trump...

Trump Issues Executive Orders Freezing Federal Hiring, Targeting Trade - NBC News

"I am glad the Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead and gone. For the last 30 years, we have had a series of trade deals — including the North American Free Trade Agreement, permanent normal trade relations with China and others — which have cost us millions of decent-paying jobs and caused a 'race to the bottom' which has lowered wages for American workers, " Sanders said in a statement. "If President Trump is serious about a new policy to help American workers then I would be delighted to work with him."
Jul 26, 2009
Opa Locka
This is hardly shocking. Sanders was socialist while Trump was fascist but they both were opposed to the globalised capitalist order. This election was a bloodless revolution, it was always going to be Trump or Sanders. The RNC grudgingly accepted this in return for power sharing wine the DNC tried to Manson the status quo which is how we ended up with a single party fascist government. Had both parties accepted that capitalism was dead, we'd probably have a Repub House, split Senate and President Sanders with a Trump lead opposition.
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