Browsing History Leads to Charges

Aug 2018
Shady Dale, Georgia
Ever think about what is in your browser history? Even worse, how would your browser history be looked at by others, like a jury? I'm not condoning what this woman is accused of doing. I'm just wondering how your browser history could be seen by others.

She searched ‘how to kill someone and not get caught,’ police say. Now she’s charged with murdering her 2 infants.
Before she called 911 and said her baby wasn't breathing, Stephany LaFountain looked up how to get away with murder, police say.

"Best ways to suffocate." "How to: commit the perfect murder." "16 steps to kill someone and not get caught."

Her search history suggests malicious intent, the Fairbanks Police Department says, making the subsequent calls for help appear to be something darker.

On the evening of Nov. 20, 2017, LaFountain called authorities for help at her home on the Fort Wainwright military base in Fairbanks, Alaska, according to police records. Her 13-month-old had stopped breathing. LaFountain called her in-laws, telling them she'd been trying CPR. She called her husband, who was away on deployment. He rushed home while their baby girl was flown to the hospital. She died four days later.

The Washington Post - September 1, 2018
Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
There would have to be other evidence beside a search one does. Like they Casey Anthony case.

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