Chinese scientists hail "incredible" stealth breakthrough

Jun 2013
1. Chinese scientists have achieved a series of breakthroughs in stealth materials technology that they claim can make fighter jets and other weaponry lighter, cheaper to build and less vulnerable to radar detection.

Professor Luo Xiangang and colleagues at the Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chengdu, Sichuan province, said they had created the world’s first mathematical model to precisely describe the behaviour of electromagnetic waves when they strike a piece of metal engraved with microscopic patterns, according to a statement posted on the academy’s website on Monday....

2. Let us look at Marco Rubio's 27 June 2018 outrageous quote on Chinese investment in the US: "What they don’t steal from us, they buy away from us."

His laughable quote can be rephrased in this way: "What they don’t buy away from us, they can steal from us." No wonder Huawei is suing the US over the seizure of Huawei telecommunications gear. No wonder Huawei is suing Verizon for more than $1 billion over patent licensing fees. No wonder the US is banning the sale of Huawei equipment. When you can obtain something through other means, why waste your money buying it?

One lesson Huawei can learn from the US global campaign to strangle the company is this: "When you are willing to sell something to others, they will treat it as dirt. However, when you refuse to sell something to others, they will treat it as a priceless treasure." Henceforth, Huawei should keep any invention or scientific discovery (e.g. 6G or whatever) as a closely guarded secret.

3. Similarly, China should keep all its scientific discoveries and inventions as state secrets and classified information. In short, it should realize by now that "transparency" in military matters is a threat to national security. Hence the "‘incredible’ stealth breakthrough" should not have released to the press or even mentioned at all in public.

Such top secrets should never be stored in computers or servers, but must be locked up in the good old-fashioned way in metal cabinets behind series of iron walls of closely guarded underground rooms. Henceforth China should not use its inventions and discoveries for commercials gains but solely for the good of the nation.

Then China will find a lot US spies and "James Bonds" come knocking at its door. :)
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