Copenhagen: debate on what the role of rich nations should be

Jan 2009
I think we all saw this coming:

Developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil are saying that they will not cut emissions and that the Western nations- namely the U.S. and Europe, should take the lead and also provide further support in developing nations if they wish to see cuts. The Western nations of course do not want to give too much in exchange for cuts as they feel it is a worldwide problems and also due to budgetary constraints amidst a global recession.

Personally, I think it is just another sign why this idea of cutting emissions and stalling economies is not going to work and certainly won't be accepted by everyone. Your thoughts?
Mar 2009
Agreed. People only seem to react when there is a real problem, and as long as people can breathe air, why worry too much about it. As long as they can get water, why worry about it. All very shortsighted, as political agendas usually are. I doubt it is going to go anywhere until a real crisis strikes, like the financial dilemma in October of last year.

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