Cops buy plots to prevent Josh Powell from being buried next to sons he killed

Dec 2011

For those that do not know the back-story, a father's wife went missing in 2009. He was a suspect, but they never had enough on him.

Earlier this month, the father killed his two children when they started to become talkative.

The children were buried together in a plot. The family was looking to buy one right next to them for the father, so he could be buried next to his kids. This caused public outrage, many feeling he should not be allowed to be next to his children he killed.

Now, two Washington state police officers, bought the two plots on opposite sides of the children, preventing the father from being able to be buried next to his children. They stated they will reserve one of the plots for the mother, if she is ever found.

Kudos to the police officers.

SEATTLE – Two Washington state cops have purchased plots next to Josh Powell's young sons to prevent family members from burying him next to the boys he killed.

"The bottom line is, Josh Powell will not be near those two boys," Pierce County Sheriff's Sgt. Ed Troyer told Seattle-based radio station KIRO-FM on Wednesday.

Troyer and Sheriff Paul Pastor used their own money and dipped into funds from Crime Stoppers Tacoma-Pierce County to pay for plots two and four at Woodbine Cemetery in Puyallup, Wash. Troyer is executive director of the Crime Stoppers branch.

Charlie, seven, and Braden, five, are buried together in plot three. The boys were attacked with a hatchet and died in an explosion set off by Josh Powell during a supervised visit at a property in Graham, Wash. on Feb. 5.
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Mar 2009
That is great! There is still something wrong in that family for them to want him buried next to those boys. Guess they will put up a world's greatest dad marker now.:(

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