Dangerous Educational Bill

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
There is a very dangerous bill now before the Senate that will very negatively affect your child’s education and you personally as the parent of that child. That bill, S 634. Federal Tax-Credit Scholarships will do the following harm to you and your child mentally and financially. Among other things it will do the following:

Representative government will be destroyed by eliminating your locally elected representatives.
Title I Schoolwide benefits ALL children not just poor children. Federal Tax-Credit Scholarship money goes directly to parental ESA’s eliminating states’ rights to control the budget.

Property rights will be revamped by redistributing tax money from wealthy school districts.

Your tax money follows a child directly into other schools or to other school districts that will regionalize your tax base called Title I supplement not supplant
Children will be psychoanalyzed and conditioned toward global citizenship.

Tax free money for business and industry to access our children as a commodity will have a 100% tax write-off that is staggering.

This vision will destabilize education, destabilize the equity in your property, regionalize your tax base, and collapse the public school system in favor of Common Core, CHOICE, and charter schools forced on ALL schools.

This plan will ultimately control private and religious schools, day care centers, home schools, and charter schools creating a federal taskmaster (ombudsman) for all schools when the Tax-Credit Choice Scholarships are passed in the budget.

To assess fully the implications of this bill need to read the article, The Kiss of Death By Anita Hoge in NewsWithViews.com, too long to print here, but you can read the entire article by clicking this link:


THIS IS A MUST READ if you wish our educational system to remain in place as envisioned by the people who lived during the time of our founding fathers which gave parents control of the education of their children by elected school boards which now the globalists are trying to wipe out. Please share with others.