Death of North Korea's political pawn and hostage

Jun 2013
Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old student of University of Virginia, held for 17 months in prison with hard labour by the Kim regime for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster, had been in a coma since returning home from North Korea. He died less than a week after his release.

Prior to that, Donald Trump bragged before a crowd in Miami on Friday that he had brought American Otto Warmbier home. Now in response to Warmbier's death, Trump decried North Korea as a “brutal regime”.

Besides executing his own uncle, the North Korean dictator had committed such crimes as killing his half brother Kim Jong-nam with a chemical weapon. To force Malaysia to accede to his demands for the return of Kim Jong-nam's body and safe passage for the three North Korean criminals hiding in the embassy, the North Korean tyrant held three Malaysian diplomats and six family members - including four children - hostage in Pyongyang.

If Warmbier's captivity and death occurred before the Second World War, a thousand ships could have been launched in an American version of the Trojan War and North Korea would be bombed to ashes. Comparing such Middle East despots as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi with the North Korean tyrant is just like comparing midgets with a giant monster. Those Middle East midgets had mostly perished from the earth but the North Korean devil incarnate is still at large doing all sorts of evils in this world. America's impotence against the North Korean devil incarnate shows that it is on a steady decline and could never stand up again. “Make America Great Again” is just an empty slogan.

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Jun 2013
Hopefully the Chinese can put pressure massive on NK. After all, the last thing they need is a bunch NK refugees flooding their country in case of armed conflict.
I don't see any hope of the Chinese putting pressure on NK. After all, the Chinese have been "playing taiji" all this while. ("Playing taiji" is a Chinese idiom for "refusing to shoulder any responsibility but pushing it back to others".)
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Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
Lil' Kimmy has placed everyone in a position that inevitably leads to his demise, the only question is who and how the endgame transpires. The people of NK are innocent pawns in his losing chess game and will suffer because of it, yet they will eventually enjoy a freedom they will take decades to appreciate.
In my opinion this would be one of the best examples of an obvious assassination situation and should be implemented can and should be done.
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