Deconstructing Government: FEMA

Aug 2011
The proper role of FEMA imo is to protect people and to an extent property immediately before, during, and immediately after a disastrous event, usually a weather event. I disagreed with FEMA providing tens of thousands of trailers for people to loive in years after Katrina. And that was for stupid people living 15 feet below sea level right next to the gulf of mexico, an area for which it has been well known for 500 years that hurricanes move through every year.

I'm also concerned with a certain "drift" in people's view of government in the aftermath of disaster. Particularly when people ignore predictable problems in their area. Every spring after a winter with lots of snowfall, areas in the mississippi valley and its tributaries get flooded. Then people with houses right next to rivers seem surprised when their house gets flooded. Worse, some of them swear and affirm that they'll rebuild in the same spot. Meantime taxpayers have to bail them out this time, and will have to bail them out next time.

Where I am, the main threat is fires and earthquakes - I have prepared for both and have insurance for both. If after "the big one" my house has collapsed on me, I will appreciate it if someone pulls me out, and calls an ambulance - that's it.

The role of FEMA in subsidizing stupidity needs to be carefully re-examined.

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