Deconstructing Government: PBS, NPR, NEH, NEA

Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
In one way or another, all the above basically function as taxpayer supported sources of liberal/left propaganda. PBS needs hardly be talked about by anyone who is even slightly in contact with reality. NPR has made its nature very clear in recent times
I agree with you, but for different reasons.

PBS and NPR are sources of ruling class propaganda aimed at Americans still sufficiently conscious not to be able to stand the excrement broadcast on commercial channels. To realize the staunch support of fascists for these brainwashing media, one need only notice the advertising of corporations and foundations which support them. Neither the billionaire oligarchs nor the government will ever end their support for PBS and NPR --- though of course they will huff and puff in their attempts to drive them to the fascist end of the spectrum; they are just too useful for corrupting the thought processes of those few Americans who are still capable of some degree of rational thought.

NPR has almost as much advertising as commercial radio --- despite the generous financing of such oligarchs as Joan Krock, the Walmart heiress.

If, as I wish, all government financing were cut off from these propaganda outlets, they might go back to full listener support, as they were in the beginning, and be much smaller, but much more hard-hitting sources of culture and information.

If PBS went off the air, it would be a bonanza for BBC America, since cultured Americans would have nowhere else to go --- and would, happily, have a much better quality of programming than any American source is capable of producing.

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