defining sin

Oct 2012
St. Augustine essentially, defined evil as the lack of, or the rejection of good (and God). goodness spoiled = evil. I suppose that definition suits me for evil. evil though is kind of global, though. individually, our efforts to resist or reject good is sin.

so for me I knowingly and unknowingly sin all the time.

now your turn...
Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
Sin is a concept we humans created to define those things unacceptable in societal stability, that it has become linked to a religion does not change this, but has been incorporated as have many other aspects of what we are.

Christians can claim sin as theirs...but it does not belong to them.
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Feb 2013
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According to Leviticus 19:27 round haircuts are a sin. Leviticus 11:8 also says football is a sin. Pulling out during sex is a sin. Tattoos, Shellfish, dressing nicely as a woman, and having crushed testicles are also right out according to the bible.
Quoting the bible only makes you look more foolish. You started a thread about how all religions are dumb. Using religious texts to support your concept of a religious structure such as sin, is extremely backward or hypocritical.

Either way you are tripping over your own rhetoric.
Nov 2017
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Sin is something you are less than 50% confident something is the "righteous" thing to do.
Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
Someone whose mind is always preoccupied with any beautiful or sexy properties about the sine curve or function.
Arthur is such a sin-ful fellow, who is always trying to excite any geeky girls with these trig relationships:
a) sin x = x – x³/3! + x⁵/5! – x⁷/7! + ⋯
b) sin 2A + sin 2B + sin 2C = 4 sin A sin B sin C, where A, B, and C are the angles in a triangle.
b) ⌽ = –2 sin 666°—when the number of the beast, phi, and sine are in an eternal triangle.



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