Dem says it?s wrong to celebrate Christmas if unemployment benefits aren?t extended

Nov 2010
A van down by the river
Me- "Children, Daddy is sorry, but we will not be celebrating Christmas this year because our foolish elected officials can't find it within their corrupt, greedy, selfish Grinch-like shriveled-up hearts of stone to do what's best for ALL Americans and continue to demagogue every last thing to death thus making this great nation a more divisive place with each passing day. I'm truly sorry we can't have a Christmas but the Democrats said we would be heartless and evil if we did. Now go say a prayer for all of the lousy bastards who pretend to care for us, as well as the unpayed-unemployed, and it's off to bed with you."
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Nov 2010
Co. Springs, CO
It is pretty bad when you're a demecrat and even Chris Matthews cannot get behind what you're saying because it is so rediculous!

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