Democracy calls into question after Trump election

Jun 2013
1. According to Roger Scruton, a writer and philosopher, "Democracy is championed as a universal good by the West, but we over-estimate its power to guarantee personal and political freedom."

Despite being "the best innovator in the world" as claimed by Navarro, America seems to have no talent. It is incredible that not a single good presidential candidate could be found from a population of 327 millions. The fact that a failed businessman cum political misfit can be voted into power in America calls into question the effectiveness of democracy.

Trump's shocking election victory to rule 327 million Americans has brought enough chaos to the whole world. Just imagine the global consequences if there is ever a nationwide election in China, and a "Chinese Donald Trump" is elected to rule one fifth of mankind. It simply means the end of the world.

2. According to

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But Russia is not alone in actively seeking to tarnish the institutions of American democracy -- Trump has acted in a similar way during his presidency, from his jibes at the judiciary to his feuds with intelligence agencies and declaration that the media is an enemy of the people. (End excerpts)

3. It seems that Russia has succeeded to foment mistrust in the institutions of democracy and government through its alleged support of Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Judged from the furious attacks on his policies by his US political opponents, it won't be surprising that if Trump is ruling in Iraq or Libya, he will end up like Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi.

In my opinion, there is no effective political system in the world. Even without the alleged Russian intervention to get Trump into the White House, it's just a matter of time a political misfit will be elected to the pinnacle of power in America to expose practically all the flaws of democracy.

BBC News - A Point of View: Is democracy overrated?

Imperfections of democracy
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