Democrats' Absurdity vs. Trumpian Common Sense

Oct 2019
San Bernardino, CA
Democrats have become a party of such judgment and omniscience, that they brook no contravention. They have made their tent smaller and smaller, and allowed controversial and even preposterous policies to become mainstream Democratic doctrine.

By the way, Obama contributed to this process.

To indicate just how far left Democrats have travelled, consider that progressives believe:

That releasing criminals from jail will make Americans safer.

That gender is only remotely related to anatomy.

That eating less meat will reduce carbon emissions from China.

That political contributions from GM are corrupt but those from the UAW are just fine.

That you cure homelessness by shipping your homeless to other people’s cities.

That math is too hard for kids to learn, because it is a byproduct of racist oppression.

That giving illegal immigrants free medical care, housing, college and other benefits is fair to America’s workers.

That raising taxes on businesses will help encourage more hiring and investment.

That a government take-over of health care will improve care and cost the country less.

That full-term abortion is perfectly ok.