Democrats Hypocrisy

In 2005, when Bush and the Republcans wanted to use the simple majority to pass legislation, the Democrats fought against it. Here is what Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, and Dodd said (in their own words):

Now that the Democrats want something, they've lost their wisdom. Of course, Democrats follow the philosophy of the ends justifies the means. Thats why you can't trust them. If its in their interest, laws mean nothing, rules mean nothing, honesty means nothing.

This is the party that passed PayGo several weeks ago, and now they conveniently ignore it. It was politically expedient at the time, but times change, and now its more expedient to ignore the law. After all, thats what a "living Constitution" means, no standards, you ignore what you don't like based upon what you want and who is in power.

Are Republicans any better? No. This is just a wonderful example of the people that run the nation, and that some of you want to run your health care.

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