DHS report disputes threat from banned nations

Oct 25, 2012
Louisville, Ky
They cannot conclude there is ZERO threat. The best they can truthfully say, is it is "not elevated", which sounds plausible.
I suppose this is true...perhaps we should instead focus on proven and obvious terrorists. Lets ban crazy white boys from the U.S.....oh wait too late. How about instead stopping crazy Muslims from nations that terrorists have come from...oh wait, Trump has Hotels in those places.

Fine lets just pick a few that we already go nuts looking at and say we are tired of just looking.
Aug 27, 2010
Reynoldsburg, OH
Cosmo, et al,

• Does an EO need to be justified by the presentation of threat data?

• Do the effected travelers have a "right" to enter on demand the US?

Analysts at the Homeland Security Department's intelligence arm found insufficient evidence that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries included in President Donald Trump's travel ban pose a terror threat to the United States.

AP Exclusive: DHS report disputes threat from banned nations - ABC News

This is neither a posture for - or - against the Executive Order (EO). Unlike the government, there are those that hold to the view that it is better to take steps to delay or prevent what can be prevented, rather than wait for a hostile strike; just to establish history of criminal behaviors so as to justify the EO.

Is there a liability incurred if the EO is obstructed by the Judicial Authority and then, at some future date, a death occurs that might have been prevented? Is there a fiduciary responsibility on the part of the Executive to take such action, as a mater of a security countermeasure, to protect against terrorist acts?

When you speak of DHS and DOS, what confidence should Americans place on the reliability in them to assess current conditions and predict future hostile events?

Which one of those countries has any significant population that will work to defend life and liberty in their own country; or -- if given leave to enter America, can be relied upon to protect our homeland?

What bothers me about this entire issue, is that I really don't hear any discussion on the practical side, for or against, pertaining to the EO. I've been to Yemen and I've seen some pretty scary Somalians and regional asymmetric fighters; people you want to give a wide berth. These are people you don't want to see roaming the streets of America. And yes, maybe I'm not the heroic soul that I should be. But the populations of these seven countries have a significant measure of BAGs (Bad Guys with Guns).

We should carefully consider the EO (both sides) before making a decision.

Most Respectfully,
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