Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice

Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice

Moreover, his critique of the policies pursued by previous administrations was based on a false premise – namely that the US had attacked or intervened in other countries’ internal affairs in order to ‘bring democracy’ and ‘nation-build’.

The US might have been keen on ‘nation-building’ in the aftermath of World War Two, when its main concern was aiding strategically important countries which could fall prey to the communists, but it wasn’t doing it in the neocon era.

Here the aim of ‘interventions’ was not ‘nation-building’ but nation-destroying. The much-criticized ‘failure to plan’ post-invasion was actually the key part of the plan. The strategy (borrowing a phrase used by my fellow OpEdger Dan Glazebrook in his recent book) was ‘Divide and Ruin,’ not ‘Divide and Conquer’. If the US and its allies had wanted to nation-build in Iraq, why did they dismantle the entire state apparatus, including the Iraqi Army? And having seen how that turned out, why did they do almost exactly the same in Libya eight years later? The whole thing only makes sense if you understand that the resultant post-regime change chaos – which you didn’t have to be Nostradamus to predict – was exactly what the warmongers wanted.
The basis of Orwellian New-Speak is always to call things by their opposites.
Thus, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, etc.

So the USA is engaged in "nation building," not "nation destroying".

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