Effect Of Social Media On Society Poll

Would you say social media has a net positive or negative on society?

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Sep 2018
Atlanta area
Well, does "social media" have a positive or negative effect on society?

I mean, with the all the senseless violence, seems like NEGATIVE to me! :oops:
Jun 2013
My great old friend, now you begin talking about "senseless violence". It's too late, isn't it? Who are to be blamed for it? Your cult leader and his diehard supporters and followers like you!

Both you and your cult leader have to wake up the senses by taking a dip in freezing cold wet water -- wet, from the standpoint of water. :)

Jun 2013
Not only did you NOT take the poll, you spew nonsense.
My great friend, you are talking with your head in the cloud and your mouth at your very bottom.

Why should I take the poll when you can expect my response?

You should ask the woman poster at the Chinese website to take the poll. :)
Oct 2012
I was in a restaurant the other day and I noticed two different couples wherein the wife was completely ignoring the husband in favor of staring at a cell phone screen like a zombie.
the worst part is one was maybe in her 50s and I would guess the other was in her 70s or 80s!