Fast Offered for Very Wrong Reasons

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
This woman, Rashida Tlaib, just elected to Congress sworn to uphold the law and Constitution which in essence means to defend this nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, now insanely and idiotically goes on a so called hunger strike in order to shut down one of the first and foremost defenders of our borders, ICE, Immigration Customs and Enforcement, which is in direct violation of her oath. What is wrong with such a woman? Why does she want to remove the most important force right now to keep these illegal alien terrorist criminals from constantly invading our country? Such groups now travelling in caravans are composed of savage gangs, drug dealers and actual terrorists some of whom have actually set up terrorist camps in this country.

Doesn’t this moron realize that these illegal alien terrorist criminals either kill or murder 12 or more of us Americans every day? Doesn’t she realize the toll in drugs, particular opioids is taking in human lives? Doesn’t she realize how taking and providing for them is raising our nation debt to astronomical levels which eventually will lead to a total government collapse? Doesn’t she realize the many diseases these illegal alien terrorist criminals are bringing with them? Some of these diseases are very difficult to treat and can result in death? And doesn’t she realize anyone, including ALL Federal, State and Local officials aiding and abetting these criminals is commuting an actual felony offense according to our immigration laws?

These people need to be immediately impeached, removed from office and finally tried in court at least as a felon; others would make the charge treason. The only way I can try to figure out her reasoning is that she is a Muslim and true adherents must be totally dedicated to that faith must be absolutely committed to the conversion of all non-believers through whatever means possible and such means include killing, lying and deception.

Maybe Christians should fast and pray for our God to remove all such individuals from all areas of our government.

I hope this this very non-Christian and hater of America gets this message.
Apr 2019
vancouver island
Doesn’t this moron realize that these illegal alien terrorist criminals either kill or murder 12 or more of us Americans every day?
Somebody should tell this woman that there are about 46 murders in America each day and so she should concentrate more on The 34 murders that are perped by non-alien terrorists.

46 - 12 = Duhhhhhhh!
Apr 2019
vancouver island
A hint of who the 34 ?? are!

Song for Gungoons.

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Guns the tool, what makes you cool.
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Guns are things, that Jesus brings!
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one is growing from my head!
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