FDA in Cahoots with Vaccine and Big Pharma

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
Concerning the outbreak of the Corona Virus, I would like to quote some excerpts from an article entitled “How Much $ Will the CDC Profit From a CORVID-19 Vaccine?” written by Devvy Kidd a well know researcher and writer. I feel the public needs this information.
Here is the link to read the article in its entirety and the links to access other information that could be of interest.

Here are those excerepts

“Trump has been very vocal about getting a vaccine out there. Companies scrambling for their cash cow vaccine. I will NOT take one should one become available later this year or next year. Why? Because I don’t trust them and too many vaccines are worthless or dangerous. I had three vaccines by age 5 which was 65 years ago. (READ: Polio Vaccine, Cancer and Dr. Mary’s Monkey) Do I want them to be safe? Yes, absolutely.

“Do I think for every little outbreak of measles children and health care workers should be forced with a gun to their heads to take a measles vaccine? ABSOLUTELY NOT. When I grew up measles were quite common. Kids stayed home from school with a parent or grandma. Measles gone, back to school. Same with chickenpox.

Judicial Watch Uncovers New FDA Records Detailing Deaths in 1,824 Adverse Reaction Reports Related to HPV Vaccine – Judicial Watch Sues FDA for Producing “Partial Response” to FOIA Request

“A year later: A Judicial Watch Special Report Examining the FDA’s HPV Vaccine Records – “The records include Merck’s patent and drug information submitted to the FDA, transcripts and briefing material from approval meetings, and reports documenting health, safety, and efficacy test results, as well as Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) documents detailing 8,864 cases of adverse effects experienced by people after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. VAERS reports show that at least eighteen people have died after receiving Gardasil. Many health officials believe that adverse reactions to medications are widely under reported, therefore the actual number of adverse events occurring after vaccination with Gardasil is likely to be higher.” (The horror stories of what’s happened to young girls here and in Britain after getting that vaccine would fill a whole column.)

“Cliff Kincaid wrote an outstanding column on this very issue everyone should read: Can You Handle the Truth About Vaccines?
“While doing more research and shuddering at the thought of yet another cash cow for pharmaceutical companies, I came across this:

Robert Kennedy Jr: CDC is a privately owned vaccine company, Dec. 7, 2018. Like the authors, I don’t believe Kennedy made the case the CDC is a privately owned vaccine company, but:

“Mr. Kennedy is in very safe territory by reporting that the CDC has over 20 patents that create vast, undisclosed conflicts of interests in vaccine safety. He is understating the problem by more than half.

“This brief look at current patents held by the CDC deserves an in-depth review to determine exactly what current financial relationships with vaccine makers now exist and what the current impact those revenue streams are likely having on vaccine safety positions. Furthermore, one must closely look at the financial relationships between the CDC and vaccine makers it is currently courting, to include the potential exploitation of new patents for financial gain. These are merely a few lines of inquiry, among hundreds, needing to be examined and why the potential RFK commission on vaccine safety must be impaneled.

“No wonder the vaccine industry (and let’s not kid ourselves, CDC IS the vaccine industry) and their media outlets are fighting with such a fury to prevent the #RFK commission from being formed.”

“Kennedy has been on the front lines regarding vaccines for a long time. We need some warriors in the House and Senate not afraid of the pharmaceutical industry who buy the favors of Congress willing to take a serious, unbiased look at vaccines and safety. If you want to help stop forced vaccinations before they come knocking, this organization is a go-to.

Fact Check: WHO Scientist Caught Lying to Public about Vaccine SafetyThis piece says a lot. “In sum, the central message Swaminathan had for her colleagues was that legitimate concerns about vaccine safety were an obstacle to be overcome in order to achieve the policy goal of increasing demand for these pharmaceutical products.”

“And remember: The Communist Chinese ALWAYS lie: China responds to virus-investigation demand by demolishing ‘ground zero

Spirulina found to boost the body’s type 1 interferon response to fight RNA viral infections “including coronavirus,” new science finds

“What’s especially important to note in all this is how every government authority is pushing pharmaceuticals and (non-existent) vaccines rather than encouraging people to use nutraceuticals that are available right now. Because of this total unwillingness to recommend potential anti-viral substances that are safe, affordable and available right now, these “authorities” are allowing the virus to replicate and spread in an accelerating manner, all to promote the financial interests of Big Pharma rather than support the health of the public.
“They are more interested in protecting the profits of Big Pharma than in protecting the health of the public, in other words.” (Spirulina is found at most health food stores.)"