Forum Rules.

Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
Political Fray Rules and Policies

Below is an explanation of rules and policies that we expect everyone on the forum to abide by. Being a free resource, all we ask of you is that you abide by the policies of this forum. We have implemented these rules for a reason- in order to maintain the respectful and intellectual environment we hope to create.

1. Write well-thought out and coherent posts. Don't give any short, one line answers that leave people trying to decipher your meaning. Instead, try to explain yourself thoroughly. It will likely save both you and anyone who reads your post some time in the long run.

2. Use good internet etiquette. Don't overuse capitalization and internet short-words ("im speak")Capitalizing beyond the accepted rules of the English language should only be used sparingly; perhaps to emphasize a word or two. Your entire response should almost never be all capitalized at that is essentially the equivalent of shouting on the internet.
Also, try to limit your internet slang. A "lol" every now and then is okay, but like with capitalization, use those shortcuts sparingly.

3. Be respectful. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and we should respect that. Ad hominem attacks, mockery, personal attacks, insults, profanity, and sarcasm will not be tolerated. You can counter ideas, but do not make it personal.

4. Stay on-topic within a thread. There is no need for pointless bumping. Only double post if there is a significant reason to do so (i.e. a development in the topic, adding some information you forgot.)

5. Do not plagiarize news articles or other outside sources. When you want to link to an outside source, make sure to give the site credit with a link. Also, refrain from posting the entire article- post a snippet instead and link to the entire article. The snippet or any quotations from other sources should go in tags.

6. Do not post anything inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to adult content, pornography, illegal or copyrighted materials/files, viruses, links to malicious websites. Use your judgement for other non-acceptable things.

7. Do not impersonate staff or enforce rules. If you see a potential rule violation, use the "Report this" link to report the post and a moderator will get to it. There is no need to tell a violator that they have broken a rule because it only leads to further problems- just report it and the staff will deal with it.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the rules, you may share them here and the staff will respond to you.

Warnings, infractions, and ban policy
This is the official Political Fray policy on warnings, infractions, and bans. The primary purpose of this system is to help uphold the rules and qualities that this forum stands for.

Warnings are the lowest form of punishment, so-to-speak. They are usually given for minor offenses in which the moderator or administrator feels the person acted as they did without intent to break any rules. They are usually given to members who have not had prior offenses and most likely just made a small mistake. Only moderators and administrators may give warnings and it is up to their discretion whether to warn or to infract a member.

When an admin or moderator feels that an offense was intentional or more serious, they may choose to give an infraction to a user. Most offenses will lead to an infraction worth 1 point with the reason stated when the infraction is given. For more serious offenses (such as constant personal attacks) the staff does hold the right to give more than 1 point at one time. All infractions will last for 6 months before expiring. Moderators and administrators are the only ones that can give infractions.

Bans are usually given based on the number of infractions a user has. 3 points will target an automatic ban for 3 days (96 hours.) Subsequent points received could lead to longer bans, which will be at the discretion of the staff. In certain situations, the staff also holds the right to review a member?s infractions and ban them for longer than 3 days regardless of the number of points or previous bans they have. Those who will most likely fall into this category are spammers who just come to spread their links or those here only to fight.

Members are always encouraged to help the staff find potential infractions, especially when they involve personal attacks. Members can use the ?report this post? link in the blue bar on top of every post to report a post for review.

Infractions and bans can be handed out for any rule violation. To see a full set of the rules please read: Forum rules