From “Pearl of the Orient” to "Invincible East"?

Jun 2013
Hong Kong which has long been known as the “Pearl of the Orient” is moving in a spiral path, if not to "suicide", at least to "self-castration" (like a fictional character, Dongfong Bartbai 东方不败 [meaning "Invincible East"] in Jin Yong's wuxia novel "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer"). Radical protesters are roaming the streets in gangs and intensifying their violence and vandalism after hijacking the protest movement.

In the novel, Dongfong Bartbai (Cantonese pronunciation) or Dongfang Bubai (Mandarin pronunciation) castrated himself to fulfil the prerequisite for learning the skills in the Sunflower Manual and became an extremely formidable martial artist after mastering those skills.

If the radical protesters are not bent on destroying Hong Kong like what the Syrian rebels have done to their own country with US aid, then they really believe that Hong Kong will emerge stronger like Dongfong Bartbai after going through the ordeal of "self-castration".

In the ongoing protests and deepening political crisis when many people are on the verge of losing everything, if you still have the poetic mood to take out newspaper "poem ads" which pose riddles even to Chinese scholars, then you are really like an Olympian god of Greek mythology, living on top of Mount Olympus and watching indifferently at the stupidity of mankind as they battle to the death.

There is a Chinese saying, "The mountain is high, the emperor is far away." The emperor's army could not protect every village against marauding gangs of thieves. Hence, villagers in ancient China were encouraged to take up arms, even building walls around their villages, to defend themselves against bandits from nearby mountains.

The Chinese "village system" can be applied to Hong Kong, at least temporarily, to reduce the financial and property losses of most Hongkongers. Every household, every apartment block, every shopping centre, every company, every private body, etc, should be encouraged to protect its own interests by chasing away any radical protester who intrudes into the premise to seek refuge or stir up trouble.
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