Future of cryptocurrency?

Jun 2018
What do you think that awaits us in the future. It seems to me that the cryptocurrency will replace all currencies of the world, since everything will become digital and computerized
Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
Likely Crypto currencies will remain in the background but find a solid dark web home. The birth and success of the Amazon phenomenon has almost guaranteed the dollar as the future and besides, it is the backing of Crypto in the first place.
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Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
I agree with Tecoyah. Currencies like Bitcoin will remain a thing for black market and big ticket white market items in online shopping as well as a goto for criminal transactions but for every day stuff, nation state backed currencies will remain dominant.
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Aug 2018
Shady Dale, Georgia
I believe the current cryptocurrencies will fade away but I think eventually cryptocurrency will replace currencies like the US dollar. How many transactions, each week do you do using no physical currency? Do you still carry cash?

One day countries will stop printing currency and minting coins.

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