Global trade and the state of the union speech.

Aug 2010
Cliffside Park, NJ
I’m a proponent of a policy based upon Warren Buffett’s unilateral Import Certificates concept.
His market, (not government) driven concept would significantly reduce USA’s trade deficit of global goods, be of no net expense to our federal budget, act as a subsidy of our exports and would increase our aggregate sum of imports plus exports.

The president’s state of the union speech mentioned negotiated global trade agreements.

We alone as a sovereign nation should determine what may enter our domestic markets and similarly we should respect the sovereignty of foreign nations and treat them equally to each other;
(But we may grant lesser treatment to products of nations that are unfriendly to our own or our allies’ governments or products).

I posted a petition entitled on the White House’s “We the people” web site to “reduce USA's trade deficit and increase our GDP and median wage". I’m requesting that others read it. They may sign or submit a contrary petition.

The petition’s site is .

If a petition meets the signature threshold, it will be reviewed by the Administration and we will issue a response.

google: “wikipedia, import certificates “

Respectfully, Supposn
Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
"Trade with all, alliance with none." A motto we'd do well to follow I think, seems to be working for the Chinese.