GM and Trump.

Jul 2009
Opa Locka
So General motors warns the President that his tariffs will be damaging to jobs and business, he does it anyway and it is damaging as explained. His reaction is to stomp his feet and complain about the results of his actions while lashing out with idle threat....what do you folks think on this?
Trump is the 2nd worst president and the only reason Lincoln beats him is that whole civil war thing. Take that away and Trump is the worst by a large margin.
Aug 2018
Shady Dale, Georgia
GM isn't closing the plants because of tariffs. Some people may claim that but that isn't accurate. GM is dropping the vehicles assembled at these 6 plants from its product lines. They are reducing the number of cars in their line up, as is Ford. One of the plants being closed is in Canada.

I grew up in rural Ohio. Lordstown Assembly was a major employer in the area. I have many friends and family who worked there, their entire adult working lives. Lordstown Assembly assembles the Chevrolet Cruz. In 2016, a second plant began assembling the Cruze. That plant was located in Ramos Azipre, Mexico. As that plant ramped up to two shifts, the Ohio assembly plant saw cuts down to one shift.

The Volt was Chevrolet's main foray into the hybrid market. The vehicle has sold over a 100,000 units during its run. By contrast, Toyota sells more than that each model year of the Prius. Chevrolet isn't getting out of the electric car market. They are still planning to bring out electric cars in future model years but they will be assembled in China or Mexico where labor costs are far less.

Now comes the hard question. Should a company, like GM assemble their vehicles, for sale in the US market, in foreign countries with cheap labor to avoid the UAW? When I was a kid, that Made in America meant something. My father bought two new cars every year going through the seventies and eighties, then went to every other year. But the cars always had one thing in common, they were domestic.

For those that do not know, the first digit of the VIN tells you where the car was assembled. A VIN with a 1, 4, 5, or 7 is assembled in the USA. Just because it has a Chevy bow tie or a Ford nameplate doesn't make it American. Just as the Hyundai, Kia, BMW, VW, or Honda logo doesn't mean it is imported. In 2017, I found that I needed another vehicle, when picking what to purchase, I bought a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited. Foreign car, right? Nope, assembled in Birmingham, Alabama.

Do you know where your car was assembled?
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