Govt is Not God

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Our Constitution gave us The Power not the Democrat party, now this Tech blogger says the Govt shouldn't let Google get away with paying as Little taxes as Possible when The Govt is the one who set it up in this Bloggers Mind due to the Liberal Brainwashing he has Recieved since Birth Because he understands nothing of Economics Thinks Google is Being Mean, but it isn't Mean For The Govt to overtax People wake up. Businesses cant Continue without profits if they arent providing products people want and desire they will not make a profit
Jan 2009
I think you are the brainwashed one because you seem to think anyone who disagrees with you is brainwashed.
so this Hater MVP reported this post as spam which if he understood the word he would know he is wrong . i cannot help you libs do not understand Basic economic principles the schools which teach you socialism is Great should be teaching you
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