Greetings from North Texas!

Aug 2012
North Texas
Hello, all! I'm new to Political Fray, but not to online forums. Currently looking for a new nest since the one I've been frequenting lately has become fouled with name-calling, flaming and other less-than-desirable traits.

Allow me a short introduction; I'm retired military but still working on the side in the transportation industry. I've been a Republican for over 35 years, but haven't always voted that way. I'm a moderate in that I believe every democracy needs to come to a consensus and abide by that consensus in order to thrive. The alternative is civil strife and, perhaps, civil war. My political motto is "I don't care what you do, just don't do it on my lawn or make me pay for it".

As for our government, I've sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution at least seven times and, although retired from the military, I still abide by that oath. My opinion on the goals of our government are as follows:

I favor a regulated capitalism with a government-funded social safety net for those unable to provide for themselves. Workfare, not welfare. Unemployment checks should diminish in size over time to prevent people from passing on that McDonald's job simply because unemployment pays better.

Our nation benefits from a healthy, educated and gainfully employed citizenry, so basic healthcare (vaccinations, preventive medicine, basic healthcare. Example, pull bad teeth, don't replace them with $2000 implants), basic education (high school with government subsidized college loans for the talented) and employed citizens (government encourages the private sector to create jobs, but doesn't create them itself).

Stop being a nanny state. Legalize drugs and other "victimless crimes". If a person wants to commit suicide, let them, but regulate where it is done and how. Same goes for drugs, prostitution, gambling, etc. Accept that some people are too stupid to keep themselves alive so let nature run its course. Protect minors from the stupidity of their parents, but once they are adults, let them live their lives. Keep abortion legal, but seek to minimize it with age-appropriate sex-education and cheap but effective contraceptives.

All of these latter issues affect our economy. A welfare state is bad for the economy. Large populations of poorly educated, unhealthy and jobless Americans is bad for the economy. Large numbers of welfare mothers is bad for the economy. Break the cycle of poverty. Stop encouraging people to have babies in order to get a larger government paycheck, but also allow them to stop getting pregnant. As such, I'd make voluntary sterilization free at government funded medical facilities.

Sorry if that is too much. I'm looking forward to more discussions on these issues.
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