Gun Ban detailed includes a lot of guns.


Secretary of State
Jun 11, 2012
It may be that each of us own now an illegal gun if this bill passes. I would have to say I would have 2 that are at this point considered illegal by Feinstein's bill.

The bill includes a lot of gun more then I thought it would. Handguns does not seem to be defined though I am not sure if it is certain handguns or all handguns. If it is all I am screwed I have 4 then :D.

Looks like our right is headed out the door if this passes.
Jan 6, 2012
yup prohibition just makes a black market, but that statement makes me a traitor if you ask some people


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Jan 14, 2009
All they will do is drive the gun market underground.
I used to think this, but it isn't necessarily true. It depends on the type of ban and the specific policies. The data shows that sometimes bans help- no ban is perfect though.

This is not an endorsement for a gun ban however. (although I do think for certain guns it might be a good idea)

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