H.R. 582, “Raise the wage act”

Aug 2010
Cliffside Park, NJ
H.R. 582, “Raise the wage act” is a good bill, but opponents of the bill will refrain from mentioning the minimum hourly rate will not attain $15 until 7th year after the bill's passage. Its method for retaining the minimum rate's purchasing power is to monitor and annually (when necessary), adjusted to be changed in the same proportion as the the proportional change of USA's average wage rate.

In the likely case that it's not passed through and added to our federal statutes, I urge U.S. Congressional members to continue striving and pass a bill that would increase the minimum wage rate by 12.5% of its purchasing power until it attains 125% of its February-1968 purchasing power. Thereafter the rate should be monitored and annually adjusted to retain that purchasing power or to retain its proportional relationship to USA's average wage rate.

Respectfully, Supposn