HATE the truth?

Jul 2013
No matter how often lies are repeated, they remain lies. Despite all the ongoing jewish effrtontery, slander and maliciousness regarding the so-called "Holocaust", the jews and their Allied accomplices should be confronted with the following facts:

All German concentration camps had cafeterias, cinemas, theaters, orchestras, sport facilities, swimming pools, bakeries, vegetable gardens, tailorshops and shoe factories. There were also bordellos to prevent homosexual behavior amongst the inmates, unlike American and British prisons, where young male inmates are frequently raped.

Thousands of jewish children were born in the camps, such as the Canadian carpet jew Givener, who admitted that he was one of many jewish children born in Bergen-Belsen, whose parents joined the Germans in their retreat from Auschwitz, before the advancing Red Army. The Germans also had maternity wards in their camp hospitals. All guards inside the camps were jewish kapos. The Germans guarded the outside perimeters for the inmates' protection.

The truth is that the jews were under protective custody, otherwise they would not have survived the war, for the peoples of Eastern Europe whom the jews oppressed would have slaughtered them en masse. If Hitler wanted to kill the jews in areas controlled by The Third Reich, none of them would have escaped, so it is obvious that Hitler intended for them to survive, which they did in their millions.

Although the liar call the German camps "death camps", the Rothschilds of France, Leon Blum, and other prominent jews survived their incarcerations quite well. Those who did die were largely typhus victims resulting from supply shortages caused by Allied terror-bombings. The fact is that most jews survived their detention. This is one time in history where millions of living people claimed that "6 million" jews died in German camps, without offering the slightest evidence for this claim. If Germany had been running such an extermination program as alleged, the victims would be silent, as were the 15,000 Poles murdered by the Soviets, whose bodies were discovered at Katyn. In the 1980s, The Canadian Jewish News reported over 5 million "survivors" who were still collecting "reparations" from Germany.

No matter how many "survivors" surface at "Holocaust" reunions, the magic 6 million number remains unchanged, just as it did from its first announcement in The American Hebrew of October 31, 1919! Six million is derived from cabalistic calculation or numerology, so the supposed 'sacrifice' or "holocaust" of 6 million was 'necessary' for Israel to be established in 1948. The fact that the 'sacrifice' is bogus does not seem to offend Yahweh, who must be pleased to see his 'darlings' use that number to fleece Gentiles and to justify their persecution of the Arabs of Palestine. The jews, Gypsies and now the homosexuals, as well as the Allied victors of World War II fear these facts, for to admit to any of them would destroy their highly profitable hate rackets.

Many jews would agree with these facts, but they fear to do so because of Zionist retaliation, including economic sanctions, exile from the jewish community and outright murder at the hands of the Mossad/ADL. The day will dawn, however, when those who loudly claim "persecution" will be unmasked as the world's foremost persectors.

* * *

"Gas-ovens" & "gasvans" are on par with the jew comic 'inventor,' Rube Goldberg, in which it takes a whole menagerie & a roomful of gadgetry to switch on a lightbulb. I invite all jews & their Goy dupes to try gassing themselves in their gasovens & then have someone try to cremate them in place. After a few explosions, they might learn why U.S. prisons keep their gas chambers far away from their crematoria. "Gaswagen" were propelled by gas made by distilling wood, because of the wartime gas shortage. No evidence exists, until some forger makes it up, that mobile gas chamber vehicles were ever used to gas jewish hitchhikers, when there are & were much more efficient ways of gassing people with carbon monoxide. The M-1 Garands issued by the U.S. Army all had "gas chambers," but I never heard that they were used to gas all the jews who could fit into one!

To press the lie of GENOCIDE by gas chamber on the lips of the German People is an act of mass hatred ,and in itself, is an act of inhumanity.
Oct 2013
No sources to prove your argument?
I noticed that too. See, once you link a source people can read the material for themselves in it's entirety instead of just having to take your word for it, and can then link to their own sources for rebuttal.

But, in this case we really don't need to see the source because the logic fails are obvious. There are certain things which posters of this topic seem to repeat over and over in my experience.

1) Bergen-Belsen. They use Bergen-Belsen as an example of how humane the KZ system was and as some sort of "proof" that there were no extermination camps. This is misleading because Bergen-Belsen was a camp for VIPs who the Germans hoped to repatriate for various reasons. It was built before the war began and had no gas chambers, it wasn't a death camp. This is somehow supposed to be proof that there were no death camps. Parts of Buchenwald held a similar function and what a coincidence, Buchenwald is also mentioned quite a bit in posts like this although in fairness not by this particular OP.

2) The 6 million number is inflated. I actually agree with this but no logical person can make the leap which allows this: inflated numbers= no Jews gassed at all.

3) Jews in the camps to the East were placed there for their own protection; I see this one a lot. Yep, there was so much hatred for them in Eastern Europe that they had been left alone to live in peace, uh huh. It makes perfect sense to me to deport Jews from France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia (where they were allegedly safe) to Poland (where they weren't safe) just so the Germans could go to the trouble of "protecting" them right alongside the Polish Jews who were being "protected", and during a war no less. Yeah, salt of the Earth the Nazis were.

There's more I could say but quite frankly I don't really want to go any further with this. I think I'm done responding to these "I wish I was a Nazi" threads.
Jan 2010
There was definitely more I could have brought up as well, but in arguments like the OP readers are essentially expected to take the words written as fact with out any sourcing. If the obvious historical context wasn't a red flag already, this was IMO anyway