Howdy Folks, I'm from the southwest (American territory, stolen from native tribes)

Aug 2016
Sonora Desert
I have lived an interesting life, discussed philosophy and politics with thousands of people, studied history and political science, kayaked wild rivers, climbed steep cliffs, wrecked cars, and fought my share of fights. I have observed sunsets and meteor showers and the birth of kittens, and found it all to be a fantastic journey.

Currently I live in the Sonoran Desert, where it's often "110 in the shade, but there ain't no shade..." I work outside in that weather almost every day. I can take the heat because deep down inside I know I'm cool.

I have learned to fix lots of things. One thing that doesn't seem to be fixable is government. But, it's interesting to watch the circus and laugh at the clowns.

El Veto-Voter
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Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
Welcome to the forum....Glad you are not a Bot....heh.

My sister lives in Sonora...beautiful place.
Aug 2016
Sonora Desert
Did you somehow miss you Fireside Chat thread? You could have posted there!

Yeah going thru CA, east of Palm Springs on I-10 a few weeks ago, it was like an ungodly 114.

As far as "110 in the shade, but there ain't no shade...", you could get one of these:

Yeah, it looks pretty good until the wind hits it. I have dumpstered much stronger shade structures because they couldn't take the desert wind. I've also given folks a pretty good laugh as they watched me chase my hat down the street and across the parking lot. Besides, how would I carry a shade structure with me while performing my work? My hat is the best answer I have found so far, but it is an old remedy. One would think that a better option exists but just hasn't been implemented yet.