Huawei ban threatens US national security

Jun 2013
1. U.S. technology companies have told the Commerce Department that the Trump administration’s ban on selling to the Chinese tech giant Huawei could significantly harm their bottom lines and might damage their ability to develop new technological innovations, including those needed by the U.S. military....

2. SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China is preparing to curb some technology exports to the United States, the chief editor of China’s Global Times newspaper said on Saturday.

If enacted, the measures suggest Beijing would retaliate over U.S. restrictions imposed on Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies Co Ltd due to what Washington said were national security issues....

3. It can be seen from the first article that Donald Trump is going to bankrupt many US high-tech firms after bankrupting four of his own companies. It won't be surprising that he will ultimately destroy not only the US economy but undermine the world economy as well.

That guy deserves to win a "Special Nobel Prize" in Physics for his amazing scientific discovery that the (Earth's) Moon is a part of Mars! One cannot but wonder why such a jerk could be elected as President in a country where millions of talented people are produced by world-class universities. What has gone wrong with American democracy?

4. The US has been banning technology export to China all this while, so is it a joke for China to do likewise to the US now? The current Sino-US conflict is still labelled as a "trade war" or "trade tensions". In actuality, it has nothing to do with US trade deficits. If it has anything to do with US trade deficits, China can hand over a list anytime detailing all the US weapons and cutting-edge technology it requires from the US. That will guarantee at least a decade of trade surplus for the US. Will the US accept the "Great Deal" from China?

5. The current conflict is actually a geopolitical war between the two countries. Waking up like Rip Van Winkle, Uncle Sam is shocked to discover that China has some of world's most advanced weapon systems. A new report for the Centre for a New American Security by former deputy defense secretary Robert Work and co-author Greg Grant warns that China’s military could dominate by 2049.

This explains the desperation and frenzy in which the Trump administration attacks China not only in trade but many fronts. The intensity of US frenzy could be compared to that of a maid in a murder case in which she murdered her employer by stabbing and cutting her nearly 100 times.

6. In his demand for "structural changes" in the Chinese economy, Donald Trump is actually ordering China to halt all inventions and innovations, but go back to 1950s when thousands of workers toiled for hours in poorly-lit cotton cleaning factories.

From the US technology companies' warning to the Trump administration, it can be seen that 5G is the Achilles’ heel of US technology. Hence, China should give Donald Trump a taste of his own medicine by banning the export of Huawei 5G technology to the US. The biter is bit! :)
Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
Let us leave it to the wisdom of God whether communists or white supremacists will ultimately become endangered species. :)
LOL. Can you actually NAME a single one of these phantom "white Supremacists" you speak of??? Bet you can't unless you do hours or days of research to find an actual one. You have fallen for fake news media outlet manufactured talking points, hook, line, & sinker! :rolleyes:


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