If corporations can be people, people can be corporations!

Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
Before I start I want to point out that this is a thing already. What I'm explaining isn't some crazy untested idea but how I'd execute it.

The idea: Create a trading website in which people can buy shares in Listed Persons (LP). LPs would have to release 2 years worth of tax returns (averaged out to determine market worth and divided by 10,000), pay a 1 time $25 listing fee (this will be used to pay for site upkeep and advertisements, not go into anyone's pocket) and sign a cookie cutter (but admendibale) LP Charter which will layout the bylaws that they and their shareholders will operate by. Once listed they'll be issued 10,000 shares (splits and future stock issuances can increase this number if they sell them all) with an IPO determined by their established market worth.

Sales of these shares and any price fluctuations will be monitored with a live ticker to keep LPs and shareholders up to date on how the market both in terms of an individual LP and as a whole is behaving.

Shareholders would have to pay a 1 time $25 buying fee and set up direct deposit with a bank account they control. Once done, they'd be free to start buying and selling LP shares as with any other stock.

For the shareholders they have a chance at a good ROI. For the LP the benefits are far greater. The LP Charter, provided they don't amend it away, will include a provision that states they have executive authority of what shareholders get to vote on (thus maintaining overall control of their lives) but have no voting power themselves to ensure shareholder power isn't unduly diluted. They'd also have easy access to capital via stock trading which they (and their shareholders) can use to pay off debts or invest and perhaps most importantly major life choices will be made with the collective intelligence of all their shareholders. A collective intelligence made up mostly of strangers and thus lacking emotional biases, having an outsiders objective look at life thus free of subjective perception and financially motivated to make the LP's quality of life as high as possible.
Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
Corporations are forbidden from getting BIRTH CERTIFICATES and hominids are forbidden from getting their bodies INCORPORATED. :rolleyes: