India, China, unemployment and the financial crisis

Jan 2010
I suppose this should go here, but I really do not think of it as conspiracy.

So, here goes.

We know that HP dumped 30,000 jobs in the US and moved them to China and India. That is fact.

To move jobs to China, a company must train personnel, construct a location to conduct the business AND provide for the infrastructure (utilities) to support the business. The training is extensive because the country is / was not technilogically savy.

India was a different matter. The tech foundation was in place. The facilities may have been in place.

The cost of product would differ based on the factors of elevating the work force, providing the facilities, etc.

But where I am going with this is that it all cost money and where would HP or any other company outsourcing that many jobs get money - banks.

If that is true, and I think it may be, then our own funds have bought our demise.

As I said, this is theory - with a few facts but can others add to this little uh - molehill?

I do think that a company could expand overseas but to take jobs as an export, the company whould not do it with our money.

This may also be one of the reasons that American banks have little money to lend to mainstreet business.
Corporations in the US tend to raise capital through the sale of equity (stocks) or debt (bonds, debentures etc) not banks.

Japanese and Chinese corporations tend to raise capital from banks.

The difference is that the US corps are liable to share and bond holders who want their money back. This drives a profit motive. In China or Japan the corporations only need to pay their debt service. Less profit motive.
Aug 2011
this is a economic fall.. it as got nothing to do with the conspiracy.. not just in china or India.. thie unemployment i hitting us all in every part of the world.. world is getting bakrupt
Yeah there was no conspiracy for this one. It started with banks handing out loans to people which they couldn't pay back with no money down. And that got the ball rolling towards the depression we've been in with the bad mortgages. The moving work over to china had to do with the fact that you still have slave labor and its so much cheaper production wise to have it made in china since they don't have to pay there workers much. Same deal without sourcing IT and help desk to India they can pay them 5 dollars an hour to troubleshoot basic problems which in the US they would have to pay 12/15 an hour and then they have 1 head IT manager who knows what there doing in case there is something that the lesser support tech can do. The only way to fix a problem like this is get some new industries rolling here but our government doesn't want to put money into anything like that. Maybe in some ways they want to get rid of the middle class and have only rich and poor that would be the only conspiracy that you could get out of it now. But I don't think it was ultimately "caused" on purpose at least to get to were we are today.

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