Intellectual warfare


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Jan 14, 2009
Throughout the course of history there has always been some sort of internal struggle amongst peoples. I do not necessarily mean physical struggle (although sometimes it culminates in that), but the struggle between ideas. From the struggle between classes to that between genders to that between races to that between nations and religions, it is and has been all around us. Some of these struggles seem to be waning- like that of race and gender as people become more free. A hot one right now is that between the wealthy and poor- a parallel to the older class struggles.

But another one that exists but is perhaps less covered is that between the populist, simpler ways of thought like that we often see in movements like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall St. and the intellectuals- people who look at the world through science, mathematics, and data. The former is very big on intuition and the latter on understanding. I don't know enough about the history of this struggle so I can't really comment too deeply on it, but my blind guess would be that it is growing in strength as we move forward.

What do you all think about this? Either the history, the current, or the future. Thoughts, ideas, and speculation are all welcome.
Dec 25, 2012
l believe politicians like manipulating the public opinion to make people forget their real problems.l consider these discussions are made to create an artificial agenda .
abortion does not take more important role in people's lives than health care system

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