IPCC Slammed

Aug 4, 2010
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IPCC 's findings and predictions eviscerated by an independent panel.

New York Post article here.

To those of us who pointed out that the famous hockey stick was removed from UN reports, who pointed out that claimed "hottest" years on record weren't, that temperature monitoring site included one placed under a exhaust vent etc etc this is further evidence that global warming is a matter of politics not science.

The simple fact is that the models relied on by AGM (anthropogenic global warming) advocates that asserted was manmade are inherently unreliable. The vast amount of necessary data far exceeds what we have. Small changes in assumptions caused widely varying predictions.

However, what can be used with a great deal more confidence is anecdotal evidence and secondary evidence of climate. Plankton fossils can be used to track temperature changes in bodies of water, ice cores can reveal atmospheric composition, crops that cannot withstand colder temperature being grown in areas that they cannot survive in today, the list is very long and has been scoffed at by those who bought the claims of the AGW advocates hook line and sinker. However, they are more reliable indicators than models because they are a product of actual evidence rather than a prediction using modeling of an incredibly complicated system: climate.

Some links that people may finally take seriously

The Roman Warming Period was likely warmer than the Modern Warming Period, according to a new technique devised to develop proxy data.
Roman Warm Period (Summary)
Warmest Year on Record is 1934… NASA goofed
Viking Dairy Farms on Greenland
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Ellen Goodman Calls AGW deniers on par with Holocaust Deniers

Let’s Look at Al Gore shall we?

Al Gore’s ownership in a company (often referred to as Blood and Gore) positioned to make millions on global warming mandates imposed by governments.
English Court Identifies Al Gore’s errors in “An Inconvenient Truth” – inconvenient indeed.
Think Al might oughta should give his Oscar back?

Remember the polar bear die off? Polar bear populations are at record highs and those bears that were said to have drowned? There were four bears relied upon for that claim in Gore’s film. They drowned as a result of a nasty storm, not a lack of ice.

What is so troubling about all of this, imo, is the widespread willingness to accept the claims of a very small cabal of scientists who until recently refused to permit peer reviews of their findings (and now we know why). This is a symptom of self-loathing when one is so quick to accept blame (in this case blame for an illusion). Further, it is evidence of the Wilsonian view of social progress in so far as we are willing to cede vast authority to the very few because, “the experts said so.” Hopefully this fiasco will result in greater skepticism and chill our willingness to agree with those who tell us the sky is falling…. but they can fix it for a mere couple hundred billion.

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