Isms & ain't Ims; relative political positions.

Aug 2010
Cliffside Park, NJ
Isms and ain't ems; relative political positions.

Isms & ain't Ims: Our relative political positions relative to each other of us are subjective opinions rather than objective facts. Respectfully, Supposn
[The book entitled “How democracies die” is referred to within a series published by the Christian Scientist Monitor newspaper's series of articles entitled “A system under stress”.

Excerpted from: :
“According to Levitsky and Ziblatt, [the book's authors], two such norms stand out as fundamental to functional democracies: mutual toleration, and institutional forbearance.
Mutual toleration means recognizing one’s adversaries as decent, patriotic, law-abiding citizens. Losers may shed tears on election night, but feel that the event is not apocalyptic. The system will remain in place; losers will win again another day.

“As commonsensical as this idea may sound, the belief that political opponents are not enemies is a remarkable and sophisticated invention,” they write].

Montgomery, it's natural to sincerely conclude what's to our own best interests is to the mutual best interests of our nation. We needn't find conspiracy behind everything and everyone that doesn't mutually share our opinions.
I'm a populist but I do not consider everything to be consequentially entirely or even partially due to corruption. I prefer that we seek solutions or improvements rather than seeking who or what to blame. Many things are differences of opinions rather than of motives. ....

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