It’s The Corruption, Stupid

Nov 21, 2017
Behind the 8 ball

Best of all for the president is the shambles of the James Comey book launch. The book has been generally panned, even by the president’s enemies. The ex-director acknowledged that he had made a political decision in his pre-election statement on Hillary Clinton’s emails, as he didn’t want Clinton’s victory to be tainted by allegations that her emails weren’t properly investigated (they weren’t). Comey is squarely at odds with McCabe and casts serious aspersions on former attorney general Loretta Lynch. There are no suggestions of obstruction of justice by Trump, and a weak response on why he didn’t tell Trump, as he was laying out the Steele dossier, that it had been paid for by the Clinton campaign (yet he expected to remain as FBI director). He breathes no life into the collusion fraud, which the Justice Department happily propagated for many months. Comey admitted there are no grounds for impeachment of the president. The Mueller pestilence was mere vengeance.
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