it looks like "the man" removed it from the shelf

Oct 2012
I have found over the years that when I really like a particular product, (I mean really like it) that before long it is being removed form the shelf. Its not just products I mildly like, its products I love.

A few examples:

**a shampoo I discovered that would make my hair appear think and vibrant like Elvis Presley. I was very excited about this because I have thinning hair and this seemed like a real fix. Then out of nowhere....

- product removed , never to be seen again.

**A particular brand of frozen coconut fruit bars

- removed from store I shopped at , but still available in other cities

** Rockstar cola flavored energy drink.

- just that flavor was removed, all other flavors still available.

**white flat bread at Subway

-just that bread type was removed. all others still available.

Anyways you get the idea. I began to realize that perhaps there are forces at work. Whether divine or matrix-like forces did not want me too happy or too satiated with a particular thing. So if I begin to enjoy a thing too much...,.Removed.

I joke with family and will say, "I guess the man found out I liked ______ a little too much, so he had to remove it"

Anyone else experience this phenomenon ? Or am I mad?
Sep 2018
Atlanta area
The Nestle Crunch Blizzard at Dairy Queen!!! :mad:

I remember my mom complaining about Red Kettle soup mix being discontinued in the 60s.

Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
I was pushing all ralph reminders off the forum pages new users will see in order to increase the opinion they will create.