Kanye West is Cool! (But Bad For The Dimms)

Sep 2018
Atlanta area

The Democrats are having a full on freakout -- virtually "intergalactic" in Louisiana Senator Kennedy's now-immortal phrase -- in their response to Kanye West's support, indeed embrace, of Donald Trump.

As well they might.... 'Ye is a one-man wrecking crew to their beloved identity politics -- a reactionary methodology about as progressive as the Mongol hordes and even more racist. In case the great "liberals," or whatever they choose to call themselves, have forgotten, it was the Soviets who instituted the internal passport system identifying everyone's ethnic identities (Uzbek, Estonian, Jew, etc.) in order to maximize control. How "progressive" was that? (On second thought, maybe it was.)

Well, never mind. Times change and so do world views. It's all expediency, dontcha know? But according to a tweet from Real Clear Politics' Tom Bevan, here are the various ways what we may now safely call full-blown Kanye Derangement Syndrome is expressing itself.