Lead: the reason for crime?


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Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
Not surprising....just wait till we study mercury pollution.....it causes Autism.

Jun 2012
That was an interesting article. I liked the list of other theories as well. Though I am in agreement with the author some seem just real stupid.
Lead has been shown to affect mental stability of people who have consumed it.
Jan 2013
South of England
I was reading The Guardian's take on this report just this morning. I'm not entitled to post links yet (newbie poster on this site!) but the link to it is on The Guardian's main page.

So its made it into some national newspapers here, online at least. As he says, "Is it really so surprising that a highly potent nerve toxin causes behavioural change". Its a big old point in favour of the "nurture" part of the argument about nature vs. nurture.

We're only just discovering some of the impacts of pollution - between this and global dimming, there's a lot to think about.

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