Life after Death?

Jan 2009
Does anyone here believe in life after death? I'm a little bit confused on if being a Christian, when you either get sent to heaven or hell, is that supposed to be "life" after death?

As for my opinion (assuming I had no religion), I would probably say there's no real life after death, and here's an example to explain myself:

If life after death was actually true, can't somebody just decide to rob a bank, give it to someone, kill himself, then he would respawn, and take all the money for himself again? Now many people would say "oh but you lose memory when you respawn!", well you have no proof of that do you? :)
Jan 2009
There is no proof, because right now you'd probably be a respawn of another past life and thus you have no memory of it, therefore it doesn't really make sense.

And if I had no religious knowledge whatsoever I'd probably assume one of two things:
1) When you die, it's all over.
2) When you die, you reincarnate as someone else with no memory of any past life whatsoever.
Jan 2009
From a philosophical standpoint, I think I see your point. If there is an afterlife, it wouldn't really be another "life." It would be completely different from what we know.

Regardless, to answer the main thread, I personally don't believe in it. Just doesn't seem necessary or productive. It's also a bit pointless to really even give it much thought. We can't possibly comprehend an afterlife in our minds (a true heaven or hell seems like a manmade idea...never made sense that all sinners wouldn't be allowed to redeem themselves for eternity because they didn't live a good 80 years).

Reincarnation is also just a philosophical point. If you are reincarnated, but don't know it, then what does it matter? Just my two cents anyway.
Jan 2009
I know alot of very relgiuos people and the thought of spending etirnity with them makes Hell seem like a very good option.
Jan 2009
Yes i know many religious people like that too, and I also know alot of atheist who are just as bad and it seems like they are just the opposite side of the same coin.
Jan 2009
I do remember an old graphic novel (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac...yes I'm into dark humor) where they did a great little bit on Hell. The main character's adventure in the afterlife showed that Satan did nothing special. He merely recreated the most superficial aspects of the world and let them spend an eternity worrying about getting the coolest clothes or buying Starbucks.

Goes back to the old "Hell is other people" kinda thing.
I definitly don't believe in any kind of life after death. If you did and lost your memory as the OP said, then the whole point to any afterlife is useless.
Jan 2009
Well whoever believes in life after death seems pretty damn selfish to me, why can't somebody else OTHER than you get a chance to live a life? If you had your chance at life (hopefully, at least 70 years), then you got your chance, now let somebody else have the chance.

If there is life after death, it would be cool if we could have all our memories back, and something tells me that de ja vu's aren't just coincidences. O_O.
Jan 2009
I don't see how it's selfish, as assuming the "Heaven and Hell" concept is true, then you're not depriving anyone of anything. It's just a second stage.

As for the reincarnation theory, you're still not depriving anyone of anything as life is a continuous cycle so even if you did reincarnate, at one point a brand new life would have to be born into this world so they'd get a fair chance too.
Hey pals.,
Its all about beliefe..
You really couldnt understand these things unless otherwise u die :)
So If You belive in religions which says life after death Go carry on that can make people to do good things.....
believing life after death is not a crime that will not harm any body..
So Go carry on what u believe in...
Jan 2009
Life after death and reincarnation are two different things. I do not believe in reincarnations but I do believe in life after death. And this is where the concept of heaven and hell kicks in.
Well I believe there is an after life, but I don't believe really in any religion :p. I believe that you will restart the cycle, meaning you will be born again as a different person, in a different part of the world, if you were rich, you'd be poor, if you lived in Canada, you would like in China, or anywhere ^^.
Feb 2009
According to Islam, Life on Earth is just temporary while the next life will be never-ending. When we die, we go into the graves waiting for the judgement day to come so that our deeds may be judged and we be sent to either heaven or hell.

Once Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) described the afterlife as (I'm not quoting the exact words):
After life will be so long that if a bird throws throws one grain of sand in the whole Universe after 50,000 years, this whole Universe will enevitablly get filled with sand, but the after life will be even longer then the time taken for it.
Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
I see no evidence whatever that our personal life continues after the death of the body.

However, it is quite clear that our idiocy lives on after us.

For proof, just look at the world. --- :p

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