Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa

Mar 2016
miami , usa
Welcome to the "Demand For Free Independent Afrikaner(Boer) State(s)" !!! Washington Marching Against the Genocide of Whites(Boers and white Afrikaners) in South Africa where over 90.000 of them were already massacred (not just killed, but often times cooked/burned alive.... talking about elderly and children as well) !!!

Please stop bye also at "South African Family Relief Project" where kids, elderly, and everything in between(totally impoverished whites living in squatter camps) are awaiting for your help !!!

I hope that this NOPE video will open not only your eyes, but also your hearts !!! This is how one million of white Afrikaners(out of total 3.5 mil in South Africa) lives in extreme poverty(1/3 of the white population in SA)...

Our white minority in South Africa is treated in such racist way that they were for a very long time not even allowed to participate(receive aid) with charity organizations that would benefit them...

Sincerely yours,

Bastian Auser

ps. I am asking for help like this because your(our) governments wouldn't want to know anything about us !!! Main stream media worldwide is prohibited from disclosing the truth about whites in South Africa !!!

Please understand this is a debate forum and not a Human rights promotion vehicle.


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